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How to wear cheongsam?

Let’s talk about how to wear cheongsam(qipao) in detail. I believe that after reading this positive article, you will have an understanding of how to wear a cheongsam(qipao).

Cheongsam accessories

Necklace with cheongsam

The pearl necklace is most suitable to match with the cheongsam

cheongsam with complex design and color can be matched with pearl earrings and rings ,which will show nobility.

The necklace is the finishing touch of the cheongsam, bringing a bright light to a dark color, Ethnic accessories and cheongsam match more retro.

Earrings with cheongsam

Earrings play an auxiliary role in cheongsam, combined with the color and style of cheongsam.

Bracelet with cheongsam

The use of the bracelet will make you more honorable in the cheongsam, especially the jade bracelet of the appropriate color.

Handbag with cheongsam

Please put away your satchel and business bag. The exquisite tight cheongsam will make the bulky Please put away your satchel and business bag. The exquisite tight cheongsam will make the bulky bag clunky and nondescript. Small and exquisite retro-style kun bags and handbags are a good choice.

Headgear with cheongsam

Gauze net headdress with cheongsam will appear retro noble, It can also be paired with some simple pearl tiara.

Hat with cheongsam

Hat is also an indispensable accessory with cheongsam, a decent hat makes you more attractive. A sunshade big tooth hat, a British lace retro hat, are good choices.

when wearing cheongsam,you must pay attention to these

You can get more points if you wear accessories when wearing cheongsam dress.

Reflect your taste in clothing in detail.
when wearing cheongsam with some small accessories, It is more able to reflect your aesthetic taste. But when wearing accessories, we should also pay attention to the style of accessories, do not dominate. Cheongsam is our focus, and accessories play the role of the finishing touch, they make the cheongsam more vivid and beautiful.

you should pay attention to design, color and fabric.

Generally , if the age level is different, the color and fabric of the cheongsam will be different. For example, those who are a little younger can be more bold and lively in the choice of design and color ,because it can show more vitality.

A little older and more mature, you can choose some mature and stable colors, the fabric also tends to choose elegant and generous, more in line with the elegant temperament.

The fabric and color of cheongsam should be coordinated with the occasion of dress.
Even for the same style of cheongsam, the styles of ordinary cotton and silk brocade materials will be completely different: one simple and elegant, one gorgeous and noble.

When buying cheongsam, be sure to consider the situation of wearing, and choose the fabric and color of the corresponding style.

you should pay attention to manners

Women in cheongsam are very particular about their manners. The posture of standing, sitting and walking needs to be gentle. Indecent behavior will seem out of place with cheongsam.

When wearing cheongsam, body shape and movement are very important

Wearing cheongsam can better show the perfect curve, So whether you are sitting or standing, hunchback and listlessness are not good-looking, it is better to stand upright.

When you stand, you must have the consciousness of straightening your chest and straightening your back, and put your hands together naturally in the position of your stomach or in front of your lower abdomen.
Your body must be straight and your chest can be slightly contained.

When sitting down, you should first set up the back skirt to give the body enough room to bend. Because the cheongsam is a conjoined tight design, if you do not free up enough space, it is easy to cause slight tearing of the cheongsam fabric.

For the same reason, you can only sit at the front of the chair, not full. What’s more, you can’t habitually bow your back and collapse just because you sit down, otherwise, the For the same reason, you can only sit at the front of the chair, not full. What’s more, you can’t habitually bow your back and collapse just because you sit down, otherwise, the sewing and thread at the back will also be pulled and torn.

Legs can not be placed casually, try to hide in an elegant posture in the skirt. When the length of the skirt is only above the knee, the thighs should always be closed, and pay attention to the posture of the exposed calves. If the slit is relatively high, you need to beware of leaving the light at all times.

The range of walking should not be large, walk on the same line before and after the heels, and the toes are slightly open.

The arms should swing naturally on both sides, and the edge of the amplitude should not be large.

What occasion is cheongsam suitable for wearing?

Like other clothes, there are certain norms and requirements for wearing cheongsam.
It can be divided into formal and informal occasions.

Formal occasions generally refer to attending festive ceremonies, grand meetings, cultural performances and wedding banquets, etc., wearing cheongsam must be of high-grade fabric (such as brocade satin), dignified style (such as traditional Chinese painting cheongsam, embroidered cheongsam), and good craftsmanship.

When wearing, you must fasten all the buttons, pay attention to hair style and makeup, and generally do not need other clothes to match.

Informal occasions generally refer to family reunion, friends gathering, travel, leisure walk and family rest, etc., At this time, you can choose the fabric, style, workmanship of the more general cheongsam.

Of course, you can also choose high-grade cheongsam to wear on informal occasions, and you can choose some other accessories, such as leather shoes, scarves, glasses, handbags and so on, making full use of your own characteristics and hobbies.

How to look beautiful in cheongsam(qipao)

Cheongsam is originally a dress with strong national flavor, but after continuous improvement and optimization by designers, fashion trend elements have been added on the basis ofCheongsam is originally a dress with strong national flavor, but after continuous improvement and optimization by designers, fashion trend elements have been added on the basis of retaining traditional characteristic elements, and now it has become very popular.

There are also many styles of improved cheongsam with different styles, so after choosing the cheongsam that suits you, how to match it in order to look beautiful?


In terms of hairstyle, if you are wearing a traditional long cheongsam and want to show the classical beauty of cheongsam, then it is recommended to try dish hair.

If you are wearing a short style, the improved cheongsam should reflect the modern fashion beauty of the cheongsam, then the daily long hair shawl can also be used.

If wearing the folk style cheongsam ,in order to reflect the purity of the folk style , then cutting a short hair is also a good choice.

The traditional long-style cheongsam is usually served.


In terms of makeup, proper eyebrow painting and lipstick are necessary.

Please note: cheongsam is not suitable for heavy makeup such as Heavy makeup.

If you want to show a variety of sexy amorous feelings, you can lipstick eyeliner eyebrow so that the visual sense is stronger; if you want to show pure and elegant, you can choose exquisite light makeup . You can decide this on your own depending on the situation and the occasion you wear.

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate to wear cheongsam with light makeup.


It is not advisable to match cheongsam with exaggerated Accessories.

Headgear is rarely worn with cheongsam.
When choosing earrings, it is generally better to choose exquisite ones, which is better than large ones.
A thin necklace can show the softness and fineness of the neck.
The beaded chain ornaments with larger diameter are only suitable for cheongsam with traditional national characteristics.
Apart from the above, please don’t try any other accessories.

Wear cheongsam accessories to be exquisite.


Underwear can only be suggested from the color, if wearing a thinner fabric or light-colored cheongsam, please choose light-colored or skin-tone underwear

IIf you wear a dark or thick cheongsam that will not penetrate the light, you can choose the color of your underwear at will.


Generally speaking, long silk stockings or bare legs are suitable for short cheongsam. In order to highlight the looming sexy beauty of the white thighs.

the high slit cheongsam are usually bare legs. In winter, if you choose a long cheongsam, you can wear pantyhose inside. But do not wear a pair of trousers in the cheongsam.


It is generally recommended to wear high heels with cheongsam. Pointed high heels suit most styles of cheongsam.
Please remember these three:
Never wear sneakers with cheongsam.
Never wear slippers with cheongsam in summer.
Never wear muffin shoes with cheongsam!
It is emphasized here that no matter what shoes or cheongsam you wear, you must wear socks in any season. You can have short stockings in summer and don’t go barefoot!

I wonder if all of you used to wear cheongsam correctly.

How to wear cheongsam in daily life

Note that what we are going to discuss now is how to wear cheongsam in daily life, not in other occasions.

  • Accessories

There is no need to wear specially matched jewelry, a simple bracelet watch will be fine, and it will look good with slightly exaggerated earrings (modern style). 

Bags can be used every day, not with embroidery and other elements of the bag, use the usual daily bag, do not deliberately match “a sense of age” accessories.

  • hairstyle

There is no need for a special dish of hair, it is more suitable to participate in activities, daily wear with daily hairstyle is good.

  • shoes:

It’s best not to wear high heels, or just wear daily ones. In fact, shoes really don’t need to be specially matched.small leather shoes and sandals are all good-looking.

  • matching clothing

Do not use shawl, do not wear a knitted cardigan, because the cheongsam is already unique, it is necessary to use ordinary things to match it. If it’s autumn and winter, don’t wear any more Chinese coats.

No matter how cute and playful the cheongsam is, there will still be elements of Chinese style, so the style collocation is as close as possible to one direction.